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If Your Pet Shows Signs of Pet Asthma Schedule an Appointment Immediately

At TLC Animal Hospital, we treats animals in the area for a range of conditions and issues as well as provide routine exams, vaccinations, and preventative veterinary care. Many people do not even realize that pets can get asthma. Knowledge is power when it comes to your pet's health and wellness. Here are some common questions about asthma in an animal to help spread awareness about this condition in our El Paso, TX pets.


Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Asthma

  • What type of pets can get asthma? If an animal has lungs, it can get asthma. 
  • What are common pet asthma signs or symptoms? Coughing, reduced energy, reduced appetite, pale gums, wheezing, excessive panting, and abnormal behavior are all indicators that something is wrong, and that something may be asthma. Since pets cannot communicate to say that they feel short of breath, we have to watch them closely for signs of distress before it becomes a health emergency. 
  • How can I help reduce my pet's asthma symptoms? Complete cleaning and dust reduction can decrease asthma symptoms for pets in the household. If you smoke, make sure to do so away from your pet. 
  • What constitutes an emergency for my pet? You know your pet. If he is acting like he is having trouble taking in air or if he is behaving lethargically, then it may be a good idea to call a vet. If your pet loses consciousness or is behaving like he is afraid, it may be an emergency for urgent care. It is important to know the range of "normal" for your pet. 
  • What can a veterinarian do for my pet's asthma? The first thing a vet will do is properly diagnose asthma. There are other conditions that may cause similar symptoms that must be ruled out before an asthma treatment plan. After asthma is diagnosed, your pet may be prescribed inhalers much like a human would, and advice for avoiding triggers will be given to you. 

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If you think your pet is showing signs of asthma, have any concerns, or need to schedule a routine exam, contact us at TLC Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment. We serve the El Paso, TX area with premium veterinary care. Call us today at (915) 592-6200. 


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