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  • Firework Safety for Pets
    During the summer, holidays and other celebrations often call for fireworks. While they can be entertaining, they can also be dangerous and scary for pets. At TLC Animal Hospital in Read more
  • Pet Coughing and Sneezing
    Coughing and Sneezing in Pets Coughing or sneezing is not always cause for concern in pets. However, if these symptoms are persistent and frequent, they could be a sign of illness. Read more
  • Hot Weather Pet Safety
    Summer is just around the corner, which means there are some safety precautions to think about for your pets. The increased temperatures pose a risk for your pets, and it Read more
  • What Can a Cryoprobe Treat?
    At TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso, we are committed to helping pets heal from injuries and medical conditions. One of the ways your pet can heal is through the Read more
  • Winter Flea and Tick Care
    Winter Flea and Tick Care While fleas and ticks are abundant during the warmer months, that doesn't mean they disappear during the winter. Your pets are just as susceptible to getting Read more
  • Vaccinations FAQs
    Pet Vaccinations FAQs Keeping your pet in the best possible health begins from the moment you bring it home. Pet vaccinations are an essential part of wellness care for your pets. Read more
  • Winter Flea and Tick Care
    Winter Flea and Tick Care Parasites are a serious problem for pets, and that threat doesn't go away in the winter. If you need a pet exam, flea and tick prevention, Read more
  • Pet Safety During the Holidays
    Pet Safety During the Holidays The holiday season can be a wonderful time for both you and your pet. However, it is important to be aware of the risks to your Read more
  • Toxic Ingestion
    Toxic Ingestion Is A Common Pet Emergency TLC Animal Hospital treats many pets in El Paso that have decided they would taste, chew, or consume items that are toxic to them. Read more
  • Importance of Microchipping
    The Importance of Microchipping At TLC Animal Hospital, we want to make it easy for El Paso pet owners to care for their furry friends. That’s why we offer microchip services Read more
  • Importance of Vaccines
    Understanding the Importance of Pet Vaccines in El Paso Dr. Vicki Dashley is an experienced veterinarian serving at TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso, TX. Most veterinary experts agree that vaccines Read more
  • National Dog Day in August
    National Dog Day is August 26 At TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso, TX, we look forward to celebrating National Dog Day every year. We enjoy seeing the different ways that Read more
  • Pet Eye Infections
    An Overview of Pet Eye Infections from TLC Animal Hospital Like people, pets are prone to developing acute health issues too. At the TLC Animal Hospital, we are a veterinarian in Read more
  • Foxtails & Spring Hazards
    Foxtails: The Wicked Weed A foxtail may seem like an innocuous weed. These grass-like plants have a barbed seed head that can pose a real hazard to pets. In some cases, Read more
  • Pet Anesthesia
    What Every Pet Owner Should Know about Pet Anesthesia Owners should know that pet anesthesia is perfectly safe and quite common. The best way to ensure your pet is adequately cared Read more
  • Special Needs Pet Care
    Do you have a special needs pet in need of some care? The veterinarian team at TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso are eager to help you and your pet Read more


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    Great service and they are always very nice. When you have an appointment scheduled your pet is seen promptly and the visit is quick but thorough. Affordable as well

    Philonna J.

    Excellent staff, great veterinarians and very reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

    Ozzy M.

    Great place with great staff. They care about for animals and you. If you are respectful, then you week have a great time. Been here for quite a range of services offered and every time, they are cordial and it's great.

    Chris W.

    Although it was a very sad moment for us, They treated us with great respect. Very much appreciated.

    Armando Q.

    The best exotic vet in town. Took one of my guinea pigs to a vet here and was so happy with the customer service and knowledge. It’s just a shame I didn’t hear about this place sooner when my other guinea pig had ringworm. Just got a puppy and will be calling to make an appointment for him, I know he will get the best care here.

    Kat L.