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vicki.jpgVicki Dashley, DVM

Dr. Dashley was born and raised in El Paso. She graduated from Bel Air High School's Medical Magnet Program in 2002 and went on to UT Dallas for her undergraduate work, where she graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Biology and Business Administration. She received her DVM Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. Prior to graduating veterinary school, Dr. Dashley worked as a veterinary technician for 10 years at an El Paso veterinary clinic. She later spent 6 years working as a veterinarian in El Paso before moving to TLC Animal Hospital. She enjoys spending her spare time with friends and family, riding horses, reading, cooking and traveling. Her pets include 4 rescued dogs, 5 cats, a mouse and a bird. Her professional interests include internal medicine, feline small intestinal disease, orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, animal behavior, and preventative medicine/client education. Her medical philosophy is to provide quality, compassionate veterinary care. Dr. Dashley is a Fear Free Certified Professional and an advocate for addressing the emotional as well as the physical health of her patients.


dr-lara.jpgDr. Alfredo Lara

Dr. Lara was born and raised in Mexico and then later moved to El Paso, Texas. He is an alumni of The School of Veterinary Medicine in Juarez Mexico at Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez. After graduation, he practiced veterinary medicine in Juarez Mexico for about 5 years then decided to transition back to El Paso with the goal of obtaining a doctorate in veterinary medicine certification. Before establishing himself as a DVM, he worked as a veterinary technician at a clinic on the west side. He later started working as a vet tech at TLC Animal Hospital and this hospital has been his home ever since.

While working as a Vet Tech/Assistant enrolled in the AVMA’s certification program known as ECFVG (Educational commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates) and after meeting all the requirements needed, Dr. Lara achieved his certification as a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine.

During college Dr. Lara played basketball for his university’s team, which gave him the opportunity to travel to several places.

Aside from his passion for veterinary medicine, Dr. Lara has a personal interest in Photography and his secret love has been to work in the Bovine field (never did). He has one cat named Michael who is a Maine Coon mix. He enjoys spending time with his wife Erika and two children. Dr. Lara likes visiting white sands and various places around El Paso.


Dr. Rocio Reyes

Dr. Reyes is originally from Juarez. She has a long (17 year) and diverse background in animal care. Prior to veterinary school, Dr. Reyes volunteered at the El Paso Zoo and worked at Sea World helping with a variety of animals including elephants, sea lions, and birds. She completed internships and volunteer projects with Moody Gardens and the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network. She went on to attend the veterinary program at Ross University and completed her clinical year at OSU. She has a strong interest in exotic and small animal medicine and surgery. She dotes on her long haired mix named Oliver, who is her hiking and kayaking partner.

Fear Free Certified


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    Great service and they are always very nice. When you have an appointment scheduled your pet is seen promptly and the visit is quick but thorough. Affordable as well

    Philonna J.

    Excellent staff, great veterinarians and very reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

    Ozzy M.

    Great place with great staff. They care about for animals and you. If you are respectful, then you week have a great time. Been here for quite a range of services offered and every time, they are cordial and it's great.

    Chris W.

    Although it was a very sad moment for us, They treated us with great respect. Very much appreciated.

    Armando Q.

    The best exotic vet in town. Took one of my guinea pigs to a vet here and was so happy with the customer service and knowledge. It’s just a shame I didn’t hear about this place sooner when my other guinea pig had ringworm. Just got a puppy and will be calling to make an appointment for him, I know he will get the best care here.

    Kat L.