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Digital Dental Radiography

Digital Dental Radiography with our El Paso, TX Veterinarian

You typically get x-rays of your teeth when you visit the dentist. Why should your pet not get the same diagnostic care for its teeth? That’s why we at TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso have digital dental radiography to get a better picture of your pet’s dental health.

Cat with the VeterinarianWhat is Dental Radiography?

Dental radiography is an x-ray of your pet’s entire mouth. In a topical exam, the vet will not be able to see beneath the gums. Dental radiography creates an image of the teeth, roots and the bones, giving a more complete oral health picture. This information can help the vet to identify problems in the roots of the teeth that may not be initially evident.

What sets ours apart from older x-rays is our use of digital technology that allows our vet to look over the results at once. We provide full-mouth digital x-rays for your pet at no charge whenever you bring in your animal in for a dental cleaning.

Does My Pet Need Dental X-Rays?

Your pet should definitely have x-rays. In a study of 226 dogs, dental x-rays were compared to clinical exams. Clinically important results appeared in 27.8 percent of dogs without lesions on their teeth. Without x-rays, these dogs would not have received the dental care they needed because the clinical exams did not show signs of problems. Older dogs had more problems show up on x-rays compared to clinical exams. Don’t worry if your pet has never had dental radiography of its mouth before. Many pets haven’t. But our hospital has the equipment to offer this diagnostic service in addition to dental care for your pet.

Are X-Rays Dangerous?

While your pet will be exposed to a small amount of radiation during the procedure, it is not a dangerous amount. Additionally, the vet will do whatever possible to protect your pet from the effects of the radiation. The findings from full-mouth x-rays are often more beneficial to your pet’s health than the small amount of radiation it is exposed to.

Make Your Appointment with Our El Paso Vet Today

Don’t let another day go by without attending to your pet’s dental health. Thanks to our state-of-the-art digital dental radiography, our veterinarian can get a full view of your pet’s teeth to provide the best care possible. Get your pet on the road to better dental health, which can improve its overall well-being. Contact our office at TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso. Reach out today to make an appointment by calling 915-592-6200.


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