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Spay & Neuter

Are you looking for spay and neuter services at a quality veterinary facility? A veterinarian on the team at TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso would love to help you out. Below is more information about spay and neuter.


Our Spay & Neuter Services

Spaying or neutering your cat and dog is always a good choice. The most popular reason to get your pet spayed or neutered is to reduce the population of unwanted kittens and puppies. Preventing overpopulation can also prevent many puppies and kittens from being euthanized.

Spay Services for Females

There are many good reasons to get your female cat or dog spayed. Spaying your cat or dog can reduce aggressive behaviors and prevent them from developing certain diseases. Spaying can reduce your pet from developing breast cancer, do away with life-threatening uterine infections, prevent pregnancies from happening, reducing the pet population, and prevent males from coming over due to her being in heat. 

Neuter Services for Males

There are also behavioral and health-related benefits to having your male dog or cat neutered. Males that are neutered will not roam around trying to protect their territory or want to run away, lower the risk of them having perianal adenocarcinoma, a cancer of the rectum and anus, lower their chances of displaying aggressive behaviors, does away with the risk of your pet developing reproductive system cancers, and lowers their chances of spraying their territory with urine.

Spaying and Neutering Puppies and Kittens

It is best to have a puppy or kitten spayed or neutered once they are mature enough, although it is fine for adult cats and dogs to be neutered or spayed. Getting your young pet spayed or neutered is better when they are younger so that no unwanted pregnancies happen or aggressive behaviors have time to develop. 

How We Can Help

Make an appointment at your earliest convenience to have your pet spayed or neutered. We will do a pre-operative wellness screening to make sure your pet is well enough to undergo the operation. We use anesthesia to make sure your pet is unconscious and comfortable during the operation. We will also give you pain medication to give to your pet to make sure they heal completely after their operation.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our Spay & Neuter services. We look forward to helping you out!

El Paso Veterinarian

Make an appointment today to get your cat or dog spayed or neutered. You can visit us at TLC Animal Hospital, 1851 Lee Trevino Dr., El Paso, TX 79936. You can also make an appointment over the phone by calling us at 915-592-6200.


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    Great service and they are always very nice. When you have an appointment scheduled your pet is seen promptly and the visit is quick but thorough. Affordable as well

    Philonna J.

    Excellent staff, great veterinarians and very reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

    Ozzy M.

    Great place with great staff. They care about for animals and you. If you are respectful, then you week have a great time. Been here for quite a range of services offered and every time, they are cordial and it's great.

    Chris W.

    Although it was a very sad moment for us, They treated us with great respect. Very much appreciated.

    Armando Q.

    The best exotic vet in town. Took one of my guinea pigs to a vet here and was so happy with the customer service and knowledge. It’s just a shame I didn’t hear about this place sooner when my other guinea pig had ringworm. Just got a puppy and will be calling to make an appointment for him, I know he will get the best care here.

    Kat L.