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Behavior Medicine

Dr. Dashley has a professional interest and experience in helping pets and their owners treat and manage behavior issues. Using adjustments to the home environment, behavior modification techniques, supplements, medications, or a combination of different treatment modalities, many common behavior problems of cats, dogs and birds can be successfully managed. Behavior problems such as house soiling, scratching, destructive behavior, barking, anxiety, and aggression can be detrimental to the quality of life of both pets and pet owners. Some of these problems may lead to re-homing, surrender or euthanasia if not properly addressed. Behavior problems are best treated if caught early, so don't hesitate to seek our help and professional advice. A physical exam and possibly blood work will be recommended to help rule out any concurrent illnesses that could be contributing to or causing the behavior issue. Call (915) 592-6200 to make an appointment.


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