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Pet Diabetes

Pets can develop a number of chronic medical conditions as well. One of the most common chronic medical conditions that we see at the TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso is called diabetes. This is similar to the same disease that people contract as well. When a pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, this can be a stressful experience for a family. There are a number of important points that everyone should keep in mind to make sure that this condition is managed appropriately. The trained vet team from TLC Animal Hospital is here to discuss this condition with everyone.


How Does Diabetes Develop in Pets?

Diabetes is a disease that develops when the body is not able to produce or respond to insulin appropriately following a carbohydrate load. This condition is a little bit different in pets than it is in people. If the body is continually exposed to high glucose loads, the body's pancreas might start to get burnt out. When this happens, the pancreas stops producing insulin and the body does not respond in an appropriate manner. As a result, glucose loads remain high when they shouldn't. This leads to pets urinating and drinking more water than they otherwise would. This can also lead to complications impacting the eyes, kidneys, and nerves.

What are the Treatment Options Available?

If a pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, there are treatment options available. Many pets are actually placed on insulin injections that are given by the pet owners around mealtime. While some pet owners might be nervous about given injections to their pets, a trained vet in El Paso will work with pet owners to make sure they are comfortable giving insulin injections. This is important for making sure that pets have their glucose levels under control. This insulin will work in the same way that their native insulin would. With the right dose, this disease can be controlled just as well in pets as it is in people.

Rely on the Trusted Veterinarian Team from TLC Animal Hospital

If a pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important for pet owners to do everything in their power to keep their pet on track when it comes to insulin and glucose. This is where working with a trained vet team is essential. Anyone who would like to learn more about pet diabetes should reach out to TLC Animal Hospital today. We are here to serve the pets of the El Paso area and we would love to do the same for you as well. Call us today at 915-592-6200 to schedule an appointment with a member of our team.


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    Great service and they are always very nice. When you have an appointment scheduled your pet is seen promptly and the visit is quick but thorough. Affordable as well

    Philonna J.

    Excellent staff, great veterinarians and very reasonable prices. Highly recommended!

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    Great place with great staff. They care about for animals and you. If you are respectful, then you week have a great time. Been here for quite a range of services offered and every time, they are cordial and it's great.

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    Although it was a very sad moment for us, They treated us with great respect. Very much appreciated.

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    The best exotic vet in town. Took one of my guinea pigs to a vet here and was so happy with the customer service and knowledge. It’s just a shame I didn’t hear about this place sooner when my other guinea pig had ringworm. Just got a puppy and will be calling to make an appointment for him, I know he will get the best care here.

    Kat L.