Cold Laser

TLC Animal Hospital Offers Cold Laser Therapy For Pets

If your pet is experiencing pain from a medical condition, he or she can benefit from non-invasive cold laser therapy. Cold laser therapy is a procedure that uses low levels of laser light to facilitate the healing process deep within the body. At TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso, TX, we offer cold laser therapy for pets to help reduce pain and improve healing.


What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy uses wavelengths of light to penetrate the tissue to increase blood circulation and stimulate cell regeneration. As a result, it helps treat a variety of health problems. This type of therapy has been used in human medicine for many years, and has been quickly adopted by veterinarians who understand its value for their animal patients.

Conditions Cold Laser Therapy Can Help Treat

Cold laser therapy can be used to reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis in both dogs and cats. It can also heal soft tissue injuries, skin lesions, and post-surgical swelling. Cold laser therapy can treat conditions like hip dysplasia, gingivitis, sinusitis, tendonitis, and intervertebral as well.

What Happens During a Cold Laser Therapy Session?

Your furry animal will lie on a table and your vet will pass the laser device over the surface of the skin. Your pet does not have to be sedated, and the fur does not have to be shaved for the process to work. A session can last fifteen to thirty minutes, and most animals find the therapy relaxing. The best part about cold laser therapy is that there is no side effects after the session. The results are faster healing of wounds, less scar tissue, and pain relief. Your veterinarian can determine the number of sessions needed for your pet.

Improve The Quality of Your Pet’s Life with Cold Laser Therapy

Dr. Dashley, Dr. Reyes, and Dr. Lara have extensive training in veterinary medicine, which they use to help their patients in El Paso, TX, and nearby communities maintain good health and function. We offer many pet services, including examinations, preventative care, diagnostics, surgery, dental care, boarding, and daycare. Contact TLC Animal Hospital today at 915-867-7115 for an appointment, or to learn how cold laser therapy can help your pet.



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