Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy at TLC Animal Hospital

Is your beloved pet hurting? Perhaps he suffers from a chronic degenerative pain condition, or he's struggling to recover from an acute injury. These problems can drastically reduce any animal’s quality of life. Fortunately, they can also be addressed effectively and safely without resorting to heavy doses of painkillers. Here at TLC Animal Hospital in El Paso, our veterinarians provide state-of-the-art laser therapy to soothe symptoms and speed healing in animals just like yours.


How Laser Therapy Helps Pets

You may already be familiar with the notion of using laser surgery, as opposed to conventional scalpels, for conducting less invasive and less painful procedures. Laser therapy is just as helpful but in an entirely different way. This healing modality is sometimes referred to as "cold laser" therapy because it uses a much lower-frequency beam of amplified light than a surgical laser. This beam can pass right through a pet's skin without any discomfort or damage.

Several centimeters beneath the skin, the laser beam performs some remarkable feats. The energy emitted from the laser stimulates cell structures to produce more of a chemical energy source called ATP. The cells can then use this ATP to fuel their own repair efforts, healing your pet's injured or ailing tissues.

Laser therapy also offers a safe, natural form of pain relief. The beam's energy enhances circulation, allowing blood and other fluids to move easily to and from the tissues. This effect helps to reduce swelling and inflammation even as the increased blood flow imparts a pleasant warming sensation. This makes laser therapy an ideal pain management option for pets suffering from arthritis, neuropathies, or other chronic pain problems. Pets who are already on other medications, or who can't tolerate painkillers, will almost certainly benefit from this technique.

Safe, Effective Treatment from Dr. Vicki Dashley and Staff

Our El Paso veterinarian, Dr. Vicki Dashley, and her staff can evaluate your pet's condition and symptoms to determine whether laser therapy is likely to help. There's no need to shave the treatment area or make any other special preparations. Your pet simply sits or lies quietly, while we pass the laser over the area in need of treatment. Your pet might even feel so comfortable that he dozes off during the procedure. A series of laser therapy sessions may yield the best results. Fortunately, the treatment is safe enough that it can be repeated frequently.

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TLC Animal Hospital is ready to give your pet the quality of life he so richly deserves. Call our El Paso veterinarians at 915-592-6200 to schedule an evaluation and learn more about laser therapy.


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