Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work

Pet Diagnostics and Blood Work at TLC Animal Hospital

Do you know the exact state of your pet's current health? Maybe he's showing signs of some mysterious malady whose source you can't begin to determine. Maybe he appears perfectly healthy when he's actually harboring the early stage of a serious disease. Maybe he really is as healthy as he looks. Whatever the case, you won't be in the dark after you consult TLC Animal Hospital. We offer state-of-the-art blood testing and other pet diagnostics to detect even the most subtle issues.

The Benefits of Pet Blood Work

You might be amazed at how much we can learn from a small quantity of your pet's blood. Pet blood work usually requires us to take two small vials as a sample. One vial prevents the blood from clotting so that we can count the red and white blood cells. This count, which is known as complete blood count or CBC, tells how efficiently your pet's body can fight infection and deliver oxygen throughout the body. The other vial lets the blood clot, separating the serum from other blood elements to we can analyze specific substances. We can evaluate everything from liver, kidney, and thyroid function to digestive health from these analyses.

Other Diagnostic Techniques at Our El Paso Clinic

Pet blood work isn't the only diagnostic technique we offer at our El Paso clinic. We also perform urine and fecal testing, either as part of your pet's annual wellness exam or to investigate a specific health concern. Urinalysis helps us diagnose conditions such as diabetes, while fecal testing enables us to find evidence of digestive parasites such as worms. In addition to these essential lab tests, we make use of advanced diagnostic equipment, technologies, and techniques such as:

  • Digital radiography - Digital radiography is great leap forward from traditional photographic X-rays. Our X-ray images require less radiation, produce images much more quickly, and provide much greater detail than standard X-ray techniques.
  • Ultrasound - Ultrasound imaging can reveal internal details of soft tissues and fluid-filled structures, including blood vessels, in real time. If a pet is pregnant, we can even see the developing litter moving around within the womb.
  • Diagnostic surgery - When conservative diagnostic techniques don't tell us everything we need to know, we can perform exploratory surgery to view the structures in question directly.

Does Your Pet Need Diagnostic Work? Bring Him to Us!

If your pet needs to have his physical functions evaluated, TLC Animal Hospital is where he needs to be. Call 915-592-6200 to schedule an examination!


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